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This is a demonstration of Rainbo Design's RRAnimate©, a JavaScript package that allows you to make any image bounce around the screen underneath the content of any well-formed webpage. Installation is easy and fully explained in the documentation. In demonstration mode, as seen here, the script displays the important variables while it's running so that you can easily make modifications and enhancements. It also turns itself off after a short time so that it doesn't become annoying. The script is a simple drop-in that only requires adding the appropriate <script> tag to your HTML file. No other HTML modifications are required. You can download the complete package on the Main Animation Script page

The only limits on this script are your ideas for enhancing your web designs. It's easy to let this sort of effect get out of hand, so be sure to set the number of cycles to something reasonable. You don't want the bouncing image to detract from the real content of your website. It's just a touch of whimsy for a usually dry, technical environment. I hope you enjoy it.

This page was last modified on April 04, 2015

Copyright © 2005-2017 by Richard L. Trethewey - Rainbo Design Minneapolis. It's not that I think this is such an earth-shatteringly great presentation, but if you want to copy it, I'd appreciate it if you would ask for permission. I've been working with computers for over 30 years now, and one phrase keeps popping into my head - "I hate it when it's right!" And laptops and smartphones are no better.

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