RRAnimate© Floating Image Animation Script

RRAnimate© is a free JavaScript that allows website designers to decorate a webpage with an animated image. The script takes any image you select and lets it bounce around the screen like a game of Pong. And since the image floats underneath the contents of the page, it doesn't obscure anything or make the page difficult to read. It requires only that your webpage be valid HTML so that it can provide the "layering" effect that lets the image float behind/underneath everything else on the page. RRAnimate© is perfect for adding a holiday theme to a page or just enhance the feel of a fun webpage. Click here to see a demonstration.

While RRAnimate© doesn't really require advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, it does make a great opportunity for novice web designers to get a better understanding of some very useful webpage design principles like CSS positioning and using z-index to stack content. I've also posted a CSS Positioning Tutorial that will give you a good foundation. Once you've got a grip on that, you can use RRAnimate© to learn how to manipulate CSS settings with JavaScript. From there, the possibilities are there for you to discover.

  • Simple installation with good documentation.
  • Works with any graphic that you like.
  • Only a tiny performance penalty on page being viewed.
  • Excellent cross-browser compatibility.

RRAnimate© is provided free of charge. If you use and appreciate it, please post the following link in an appropriate location on your site:

a href="http://www.rainbodesign.com/pub/" Rainbo Design Tools & Scripts/a

Be sure to check out my cute little Random Sparkler Script while you're here!

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