FormMail With Optional SMTP is a modification of Matt's v1.92 that allows the optional usage of an SMTP mail server instead of relying on the system program 'sendmail'. Being able to use SMTP can be helpful on hosts that don't offer Email support to their hosting accounts. Mail sent with SMTP is also less likely to be blocked by SPAM filters. Since most of the original remains intact, it is a drop-in replacement that you can use without modifying your contact and feedback forms. See the "Readme.txt" file included in the package for complete installation instructions, warnings, and documentation. You can download the complete script and documentation in a .zip file by pressing the "Download" button at the bottom of this page.

NEW! Check out my new SPAM Blocking PHP Formmail Script which also supports a file attachment and Google's reCaptcha v2.0,
and my Form Validation with JavaScript and HTML 5.

Formmail Script With Multiple Attachments

I've also created a separate script that allows sending Emails with optional file attachments. This script is included with SMTP_Formmail. While it is not 100% compatible with the original version, the major funtions are still supported and you should have no trouble modifying your existing forms to support sending files. This allows you to create a form that will enable your users to easily send files directly to you by Email. While the script does not limit the number of files that can be attached to an Email, there are practical limits on how long a script can be left running during a file upload, as well as limits on the total sizes of all of the files. See the file "readme.txt" in the folder "SMTP-Attachments" that is contained in the .zip file available by pressing the "Download" button below. is provided free of charge. If you use and appreciate it, please post the following link in an appropriate location on your site:

a href="" Rainbo Design Tools & Scripts/a

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