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My wife and I have been online since the late 1970's and started two online businesses in the 1980's. In the late 1990's we developed independent websites for these businesses, but by 2002 our primary income-making website's market was undergoing a dramatic change. Our biggest source of customers had started to dry up. Our postal mailing list wasn't producing the results it once did and the profits from online auctions were being eaten up by their listing fees and other expenses. We needed to develop new marketing strategies and make them work in a hurry. This process led me to quickly absorb everything I could find about how search engines operate and how to get the most out of their services. I have a strong background in computers, and so, in less than 60 days after making some simple changes to our websites to suit the search engines, I had more than doubled the amount of traffic they generated for our businesses. We were suddenly outranking big companies like Disney, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com, as well as a host of medium-sized art galleries and dozens of amateur websites who were all offering the same goods and services as we were. With even more effort, after 90 days I had more than tripled our traffic from search engines. When people searched for our vital keywords, they found our website quickly and our listings highlighted the information that made us look professional and reliable.

The above was originally written in February of 2003. During that time, I had also begun to offer my web design services and my web services are now my primary income source. I started to help people who were posting questions in the Google help forums - first by simply participating online, and then on a paid professional basis. I started slowly with a client who ran an antique furniture business in England, and then with other small businesses. Over these many years, the Internet has greatly matured and it's no longer so simple to achieve great rankings. The big companies dominate many markets and the number of small businesses with their own websites has exploded. Through this time I've developed a simple, straightforward approach to attracting qualified traffic to my clients' websites that keeps them performing well for the long term, both here in Minneapolis and across the United States and Canada.

If you're new to the world of search engine optimization, you can take advantage of my experience both as a small businessman and a search engine marketing expert to achive better results in a short time and sustained improvement after that. I don't rely on tricks or gimmicks that only work for a week or a month. I only use the methods that the search engines endorse and that are generally accepted practices by industry standards.

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