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Even though I'm based in Minneapolis, I have search engine optimization clients around the world. But if you're not sure you want to order my Search Engine Optimization Service right away, I offer a free evaluation of your website's search engine positioning that includes the following:

(Step 1) Evaluate your website's current search engine positioning, including:
  1. Your website's positioning (indexing and rankings) on the major search engines.
  2. Search engine ranking for your keywords and phrases.
  3. Website Directory listings.
(Step 2) Give you an assessment of what my search engine optimization service would do for your website with an outline of the steps I'd take in the areas of:
  1. HTML clean-up for standards compliance and search engine friendliness.
  2. Determining the level of competition you face in the major search engines.
  3. Keyword targeting - present and future opportunities. Picking the right keywords is critical!
  4. Internal website structure. Will Search Engines find and include all of the pages on your site?
  5. Search Engine Registration. Like the Lottery, you can't win it if you aren't in it.
  6. Website Directory registration. Turning these sites into marketing partners.
  7. Search engine optimization strategies. Ranking better with known techniques and still following the rules.
  8. Suggest alternative methods of increasing targeted traffic to your website immediately.

You can request my free search engine optimzation evaluation by filling out the form below. By submitting this request, you agree to allow me to look at your website and evaluate it for its search engine friendliness and to submit a report back to you by EMail within 7 days. You also agree to hold me, Richard L. Trethewey, harmless for damages that arise from your use of the information that I provide through this evaluation.

I agree not to diseminate the results of my search engine optimization evaluation to any third parties, or to use the specific information I gather about your business or your website to aid a competitor to your detriment.

I also agree to only use your EMail address to send you your free search engine optimization evaluation, I will not put you on our mailing lists, and I will not distribute your EMail address to any third parties for any purpose.

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Call Richard L. Trethewey in Minneapolis at 612-408-4057 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time to get started with my affordable search engine optimzation services today!

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