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There's a very simple, obvious reason why so many businesses are active on social media. It pays off! And it does so better than most other online promotional methods. It's where the eyeballs are online today. The statistics for the amount of time people are spending on social media websites are stunning. For users, and not just teenagers, their Facebook and Twitter accounts are much more satisfying and convenient than Email for keeping in touch with friends and family because it's essentially free of SPAM and technical gobbledygook. And websites like Linked-In help people find new jobs or connect with potential clients. Businesses, large and small, use social media to get their message out without it getting lost in the clutter of banners and pay-per-click advertising. They can use these websites to broadcast to the world, or communicate with customers one-on-one in a friendly and familiar environment.

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You don't need to be a Fortune 500 Company to use social media to attract new customers. Small businesses with a national, regional, or local focus can find many opportunites on these platforms to raise their profile in their target markets. It's a potent and effective means of expanding awareness of your products and services to attract new inquiries and maintain existing customers. Your marketing efforts in this area can be done in conjunction with your website, or as a completely independent advertising program. It's also a very effective mechanism for gaining customer feedback to improve your business practices and protect your company's reputation.

I can show you how your business can take full advantage of the social media world. Whether you need to broadcast your promotional messages to the masses, or simply provide a new means for communicating directly with your customers on an individual basis, it takes experience and fine judgement to effectively and efficiently manage your efforts in this new medium. I've been working online for over two decades and I know the opportunities and pitfalls of online business communication.

Whether you just need consulting services or if you prefer someone to handle the job for you entirely, I can develop a social media marketing package that's affordable, profitable and a good fit for your company. My fees are desgined for small businesses and are very affordable. Every business is different and so each package is unique. Consultation and initial planning services are a one-time fee. And if you need someone to actively manage your social media presence, a month-by-month arrangement can be made. My services include:

  • Develop your Social Media Strategy with you.
  • Determine which Social Media venues are best for you.
  • Teach you how to use Social Media websites
  • Help you to productively allocate staff time.
  • Design targeted promotions to attract new customers.
  • Define a Reasonable Budget.

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