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Business Card Website Design Package

Rainbo Design's Business Card Website Design Package provides your small business with a simple, elegant website that will introduce yourself, your company or organization, and its products and services and let potential clients or customers know where you are and how to contact you. Your website will provide a simple, straightforward introduction to your business giving you a professional presence on the Internet and will allow you to reach your target audience at a very affordable price. You get a custom website of 3 to 5 pages that will convey the essential information about your company and answers those basic "Who, What, Where, When, and How" questions that customers always ask. And it will be mobile-friendly so that your site will be easily accessible on all devices from laptops to smartphones.

This is a complete website design package that includes all of the features shown on the left with absolutely no ongoing fees. It's once and done, which makes it a good choice for small, local businesses (restaurants, plumbers and other local service providers, small retail stores, etc.) that just need a basic online presence in order to be competitive in their local markets like Minneapolis or St. Paul.

Once I've designed and installed your website, you are given complete control over it so you can update, expand, and enhance it as you please. You can do it yourself, or have someone else make changes or additions at any time. Naturally, I hope you'll like my work well enough to hire me if your website ever needs changes or additions, but all account names, User IDs, and passwords are given to you so everything is in your name and under your complete control. It's your website and you own it.

The companies that provide free hosting services often require allowing them to put advertising on your site to support their business. Mostly this involves a banner advertisement. And sometimes it means an ad will appear in a pop-up window. They offer ample storage space that would allow you to expand your original basic website quite a bit and often offer some limited additional services. You can eliminate these advertisements by purchasing your own domain name and hosting services. See the information below on free website hosting for details.

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Business Card
Package Features

  • Your custom designed website installed on a free hosting service with no ongoing monthly fees.
  • Your name, company name, address, and telephone and FAX numbers, and business hours are clearly displayed on the main page, along with your company's logo.
  • A brief description of your company and a summary of the products or services you offer.
  • Inclusion of photographs you provide, inserted appropriately in your website.
  • Submission of your site to the major search engines so potential customers can find your website.

All for Just $299.99!

Small Business Website Design Package Fees

Fee: $299.99 for design, set-up, and installation with no recurring monthly hosting fees. Once you have approved the final design of your website, any additional changes and updates will be made at my Standard Site Design Fee hourly rates. My Standard Website Design Fee covers ongoing maintenance and expansion at my hourly rate, currently $30.00 per hour with a half-hour minimum. Most minor updates for things like a change of address or telephone number are easily handled within the half-hour minimum.

Free Web Hosting for Small Websites

There are several hosting services that offer individuals, small businesses, and organizations free website hosting. These companies provide free hosting in return for allowing them to insert small advertisements on your website - often in the form of pop-up or pop-under windows, or by inserting a small banner advertisement at the top and/or bottom of the site's pages. They offer an ample amount of file storage space to allow you to expand your website quite a bit, and will sometimes offer some limited additional services like Customer Contact forms at no extra cost. Your domain name will typically be something like "http://yourbusiness.freehost.com". The exact details will vary from one company to the next, but this is the normal practice.

You Can Have Your Own Domain Name, Too!

Of course, if you would prefer your own domain name so that your website will be uniquely identified with your business or organization name, you can choose to buy a regular paid hosting service for the website I design for you. There are several good hosting services that will provide you with quality web hosting with excellent features and plenty of room for expansion that generally cost about $75.00 per year ($15.00 annual domain name registration fee plus $5.00 per month for the hosting service). The primary advantages are: (1) You get your own Internet domain name - ie: www.example.com, which presents your small business with a much more professional image, (2) No 3rd-party advertising at all, (3) Better positioning in the search engines, and (4) significantly faster servers. Of course, these fees would be in addition to my $299.99 website design fee, but your total initial cost for this package would still be less than $400.00!

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