Demonstration of Rainbo Design's
Image Watermark Script

This page lets you change the options available with my image watermarking script to see how they affect the results. The options are all passed to the script using the Query String. Change any of the options shown and then press the "Show Watermark" button to update the image.

Note that when you rotate watermarks on servers like mine which are still running older versions of PHP (prior to v5.1), a background may be generated that can be ugly. See the documentation for help with this issue. The general solution is to rotate in increments of 90 degrees, or upgrade to a more recent version of PHP.



Font Size 

Font Color 


Image Size 



The Image Watermark Scripts package is provided free of charge. All I ask is that if you use this software, please place the following link on your site:

<a href="">Rainbo Design's Scripts and Tools for Webmasters</a>

 Download Image Watermarking Package 

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