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ShowErrorLog© is a PHP error log reader script for website designers and programmers that does a quick dump of your server error log file. Many shared hosting services make you go through a control panel just to see your error logs, and it's no fun to wade through large files just to find the last error when you're debugging a script or just trying to spot general server errors. This script only displays the last 20 lines from your error log file (an adjustable setting), so that you only see the latest errors, and not the whole day's worth. This script requires that your server uses Apache server software and has PHP support enabled. There's nothing at all complicated about this script. It just reads the last 7.5K of your error log file, and displays however many entries you select in your browser. Most programmers could whip this up in 5 minutes, but why re-invent the wheel?

ShowErrorLog© is very handy for debugging your own PHP scripts that don't set error_reporting to show all errors, which is common with scripts that will be accessed by the public. ShowErrorLog© is also useful for checking your website for hacking attempts that cause 404 errors when they try to find vulnerable scripts on your site. You can often find 404 errors in your log file when hackers scan your site for scripts that would give them control over your website. Just run it once in the morning and once in the evening, and you'll probably find several stray 404's from such hackers. My Server Log Search Script is a more powerful tool for detailed log file analysis, but ShowErrorLog© does a nice quick scan for you.

ShowErrorLog© is provided free of charge. If you use and enjoy this software, please place the following link on an appropriate page on your site:

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