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The introduction of blogs several years ago revolutionized or, more precisely, democratized the web. Blogs enable users with little technical background to publish whatever they like online, without requiring a website designer or technician of any kind. But for businesses, the cookie-cutter templates available from the blog software websites and the constraints of free blog hosting services are simply inadequate. Whether adding a blog to an existing website or creating an entirely new website with a blogging package as the foundation, a custom-designed template is essential for conveying a professional image, engendering trust, integration with other marketing efforts, and providing a structure that will support unfettered future expansion.

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I have been designing and installing blogs for over 5 years now, helping businesses, both large and small, to publish everything from newsletters and whitepapers to podcasts and videos. I give each site a custom template so that their blog doesn't look the same as hundreds of others, and which presents their company in a professional manner that instills confidence in potential clients and customers. I've worked with both WordPress and Joomla, and can help you choose the blog software that's best for your business.

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With the dramatic shift to mobile computing on smartphones and tablets, I make sure that the blog templates I design are capable of serving those users and sends the proper signals to the search engines that indicate your blog is mobile-friendly. That way your blog is included in their index of mobile websites. As I often say: It's like the lottery, you've got to be in it to win it!

Developing and launching a successful blog takes expertise, experience, and thoughtful planning. Not only can I build a great-looking blog for you, I can also help you and your staff learn how to take full advantage of these powerful online publishing platforms. Call Rainbo Design in Minneapolis at 612-408-4057 and I'll be happy to discuss your situation and how we can work together to make your business more successful. And do it at a very affordable price!

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